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Your Vision is our Mission...

Who we are

We are a collective of creative freelancers with over 6 years experience in design. Freelancing has forced us to have a fresh & kinetic approach to design. Our portfolio ranges from work for big organisations to small start up companies, and even the lone artist. Our specialty is Branding, using creative tools to help a business or individual sell their Unique Identity, therefore garnering more sales for them.

Who we are NOT

We are not a design agency that treats our clients like just another job. We give our best expertise and passion to each project that comes our way. We are very passionate about small businesses and helping them achieve the best they can in this competitive market. 

Why our clients choose us

As a group of young creatives, we very much have our ears and eyes in the creative community that influences the world of design, we can't say that for those commercial design agencies. This means we produce fresh, innovative design solutions to our clients' business problems. 

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